Week 4 "Church Claim" Older Ignition

Written on 09/26/2018

Do: Watch the video and read this week's Point and Verse [If your child is old enough to read, take turns reading to each other]

Ask: How many different ways of helping people/serving others can we think of in one minute?

Discuss: When we help people with something they need we are serving them. This shows Jesus how much we love and care for others. Jesus was awesome at serving others, it wasn't just something he thought about, he served every chance he had. We can do the same thing too! The more we do it, the more we want to do it and soon it becomes a habit, part of every day of our life. It will become something we don't have to think much about, we see the opportunity and we "jump" It becomes almost second nature. A lot of times it doesn't cost a lot of our time or money.


Ask: What is one thing we can do for someone in our church and what is one thing we can do for a neighbor. It may seem small or insignificant to us, but to the person we help it will be huge!