Week 3 "The Pretenders"

Week 3 "The Pretenders"

Written on 06/16/2019

This week we met the religious leaders, the priest and the Levite, in the story/Parable Jesus told to the crowd when asked "but who is my neighbor" Likely on their way to or from serving in the temple, they seem likely candidates to stop and help the beaten and broken Jewish man. A man not unlike themselves. But they didn't, they chose to just walk away. They love God and follow all the rules, so why didn't they stop? Why didn't they want to get "messy?" Loving God and loving others is what we are called to do and it'snot always convenient and sometimes it is messy in one way or another.

Which neighbor are you?

This week talk to your parents or another trusted adult about what you think it means to be authentic as a Christ Follower, to not pretend or put on a show when it makes you look good or you feel like it. If you want to learn more about being authentic or being an influential "real" Christ follower consider checking out these YouVersion reading plans. You can also find more plans about the Good Samaritan and being a good neighbor by following mc3Church on YouVersion. And don't forget to talk to your parents about screentime and signing up for a YouVersin account if you don't already have one.

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