Week 2 The Broken

Week 2 The Broken

Written on 06/09/2019

Broken looks different and feels different to all of us. What seems like a big hurdle or overwhelming situation to one of us may not be to another. Or maybe depending on our own situation or age those same situations are different at different times in our lives.

Broken people hurt in different ways and the pain is not always physical or easily seen. If you are hurting find a trusted adult to speak to, one you know will listen and pray with and for you. Even when we hurt, we can still reach out and help others, sometimes thru sharing own story or just by listening. It could even look like helping them with their chores to relieve some of the unseen burden they may be carrying this week. 

Sometimes we are the neighbor who needs help but looking outside ourselves we will see those who around us who are broken. If you or someone you know is dealing with a dangerous or threatening situation seek help from a trusted adult such as a parent or your Student Pr1me leader. Sometimes there are things that need bigger help than we can give on our own but don't be afraid to ask for help. 

If you want to learn more about how to help those who may be hurting or broken consider checking out one of these YouVersion plans

Craig Groeschel's Hope in the Dark 12 Days

Talking to Hurting Friends 3 Days

To learn more about the Good Samaritan there are specific YourVersion plans available. If you follow mc3Church on YouVersion you can find them linked there or just search "good samaritan" or "neighbor" And don't forget to talk to your parents about screen time or setting up a YouVersion account if you don't have one yet.


Which neighbor are you?