Week 1 "The Excuser"

Week 1 "The Excuser"

Written on 06/02/2019


Jesus loved to talk and interact with many people during his lifetime. He never shyed away from a question when asked, even from someone trained in the Jewish Law, someone who spent alot of time learning and studying. The Jewish Torah was added to by many Jewish scholars over the years and they spent a lot of time focusing on the "Law" and not as much on their own personal relationship with God (and sometimes with other people) 

On one occasion Jesus was talking about loving God and loving your neighbor as yourself as being the greatest commandments. One scholar posed the question "who is my neighbor" He was looking for that excuse, that "out" so he didn't have to necessarily serve and love EVERYONE. Who is  a neighbor? Jesus answered  with the story/parable of the Good Samaritan. We will spend the next 3 weeks looking at the other "neighbors" in the story. Ultimately we are all neighbors, we are all loved by God. 

Paul in his letter to the Romans reminds us that love is the fulfills God's requirements of us. [Romans 13:8-10] Talk to your parent or other trusted adult this week about who you may have defined as your "neighbor," how do you think this will fit in with what Jesus is about to tell to the group gathered with him that day?

Which neighbor are you?

To be less like the excuser or to just learn more about loving and putting others first, you can check out this plan from YouVersion. Please talk to a parent if you do not have YouVersion, want to start the plan and about screen time first.

Selfless: Living an Other's First Kind of Life [6 Days]