Level Up! Week 3

Level Up! Week 3

Written on 05/19/2019

This series is very different from any other series at mc3. If you didn't happen to be there this past Sunday, there were 3 different videos to learn about taking the next steps, or leveling up.

Level Up Your Courage with Former NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow

Level Up Your Hope 1 with Pastor Levi Lusko of Fresh Life Church in Montana

Level Up Your Bible Knowledge  3 with Pastor Andy Stanley of  North Point Community Church in Alpharetta GA

Next week will have three more videos to choose from including the last part of the Andy Stanley series, The Bible for Grown-Ups. We want to encourage you to choose your own Bible plans in the YouVersion app to do in the coming weeks. The Bible plans are searchable by topic and age group, you can check out the categories or use your own search terms like "leadership" or "forgiveness." Once, you have chosen a plan you are interested in, ask your parent or other trusted adult to begin the plan with you, take just a few minutes after your readings to talk about it with them. You can choose your own topics, maybe something you've been thinking about or even a study of a certain book in the Bible.

Please be sure to check with your parents for permission with screen time and having an account on YouVersion if you don't already have one.

Click below for a few ideas that are related to this week's videos, some of them are longer than others so choose what you are comfortable with completing. (you will be redirected to YouVersion)

Andy Stanley's Irresistable Study Plan (6 Days)

(his book related to the topic of the Bible for Grown-Ups Series)

Levi Lusko Through the Eyes of a Lion (10 Days)

(from his book of the same name as the title to this series)

What Courage Really Looks Like from "The Loop" Show at LifeChurch (7 Days)