week 4. receive.

week 4. receive.

Written on 02/03/2019

It is easy to spend our days doing what
needs to be done, from homework,
school projects and extracurricular activites,
sometimes we have a lot to do each week.
Add in hobbies and fun activities and
sometimes life can seem full of
appointments and lists, people to
see and things to accomplish.
But the best part is we were
created to receive the gift of
relationship with God through
Jesus. It is often called the "Good
News" or Gospel message of Jesus
because it is exactly that, good news.
He already accomplished all the work
that it takes to erase our sin and 
receive full life, eternally with
God in heaven. We don't have any work
to do or tasks to accomplish when it
comes to this, put another 
way the Gospel = Jesus+nothing.
We just get to receive the full love
he has for us when we believe.
And since there isn't a to-do list to
receive his love there is nothing
we can do to make him love us more
and there is nothing we can do that
will ever make him love us less.
The more we can rest in him and
receive his love the easier it will be
to reflect this love through
giving to others. 
Read through the following verses
this week and spend some time
alone with God, as Jesus often did
when he was here on earth.
Talk to a parent or other trusted adult
who is a Christ Follower and ask
them to tell you about a time when
they saw this kind of peace in rest
in their own lives.
'God's grace has saved you because
of your faith in Christ.
Your salvation doesn't come from
anything you do. It is God's gift.
It is not based on anything you have done.
No one can brag about earning it. '
Ephesians 2:8-9



'And where these have been forgiven,
sacrifice for sin is no longer necessary. '
Hebrews 10:18



'We know that no one is made right with
God by obeying the law.
It is by believing in Jesus Christ.
So we too have put our faith
in Christ Jesus. That is so we can be
made right with God by believing in Christ,
not by obeying the law. No one can be
made right with God by obeying the law. '
Galatians 2:16



'"I leave my peace with you.
I give my peace to you.
I do not give it to you as the world does.
Do not let your hearts be troubled.
And do not be afraid. '
John 14:27