Week 2 The Broken

Week 2 The Broken

Written on 06/09/2019

Last week we talked about how Jesus loved talking to people and answering their questions. This week we start the story or parable that Jesus told when he was asked "who is my neighbor?"

We learn that there is a man traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho and a group of people hurt him very badly and leave him alongside the road alone. He was in a lot of pain and in need of help.

Sometimes people we know need our help. Sometimes their pain isn't always visible but we can still give them guidance or help them out in different ways. Sometimes that person in need could even be us. Even when we are hurting we might still be able to help others. We can always pray for help for ourselves and others too even if it seems like there is nothing else we can do.

Helping others and loving others is what Jesus asks us to do. Check out this video from Life.Churh.Kids about "Love in Action" What is one way you could help someone who needs help this week?

And if you want a sneak peek at the entire story Jesus told about the "The Good Samaritan" check out this CrossRoads Kid's video. We will learn more about the other characters in the following weeks.