week 1. replenish.

Written on 01/06/2019

[Note to Parents: The videos on the mc3PitStop app link to youtube and play directly within the app. This means other videos may automatically queue when the linked video ends and you may want to monitor your child's screen time]
rest allows a tired body to replenish.
Watch this video from the gang at Wilson's garage
DO: this quick activity will require 2 people. (You can take turns if you want) Player #1 will need to sing a favorite song (or easy one, like "Old MacDonald Had a Farm") while Player #2 reads this week's verse and Point. When done ask Player #1 to repeat what Player #2 said. 
Discuss: How hard was it to focus on what Player #2 was saying while busy singing a song? Could Player #1 repeat it word for word or were they distracted? This month we are talking about rest. Rest isn't always just napping or sleeping. Sometimes it is about finding a place without distraction to focus on resting our minds also. Jesus knew this was very important and he often rested, and in this week's verse he is telling the disciples to go with him to find rest because they had a very busy day speaking to people. Today, we can also find a quiet, undistracted place to be with Jesus to find rest or peace in our lives too. Think of some ways as a family to set aside time, set aside any work or distractions and spend some time with God. And don't forget to take turns reading the Point and Verse together.