Week 4 "Herod #1"

Written on 12/23/2018

[This month we are learning about the "extras" or other people in the story surrounding Jesus' birth. In a a story, there are the main characters, the stars (like Jesus) or most valuable players (mvp's) and then there are the "extras". Sometimes we know their names, like Joseph and Herod and sometimes we don't know much about them, like the shepherds and the wise men.]
Do: Watch this video about the meeting between the "Guys with Gifts" and "Herod #1" from Saddleback Kid's 
Ask: Why do you think "Herod #1" was so worried about Jesus birth?
Discuss: Herod was worried about a baby and so were a lot of other people in Judea at the time. A baby doesn't seem like much to worry about but the arrival of the true "King of the Jews'" mean that Herod's place as their King could be threatened. People may not take him seriously and he wanted to remain in control. Herod is the only "extra" in our story who never meets the star, Jesus. Herod doesn't think he needs to make Jesus the ruler of his life, Herod's life shows us that Jesus is King and he keeps his promises. Who do you make King of your life?
Don't forget to read this week's verse and Point together, if your child can read, take turns reading it to each other.
The mc3PitStop team wants to wish your family a very Merry Christmas and a restful week of family worship next week (5th Sunday, December 30th). Please join us in the New Year for an all new series and content for every member of the family. You won't want to miss the relaunch!