Week 2 "People in Field"

Written on 12/09/2018

[This month we are learning about the "extras" or other people in the story surrounding Jesus' birth. In a a story, there are the main characters, the stars or most valuable players (mvp's) and then there are the "extras". Sometimes we know their names, like Joseph and Herod and sometimes we don't know much about them, like the shepherds and the wise men.]
Do: Check out this video from Saddleback kids' 
Ask: Can you think of someone who is a star or an MVP? (most valuable player)
Discuss: Shepherds were not mvp's when Jesus was born. Shepherd's do have an important job, but their job was dirty and the animals they took care of were considered "unclean" according to Jewish law. This meant they were not well-known people, they weren't important like the priests in the temple, they were just the "extras" who took care of the animals. God sent messengers, angels, to tell them that Jesus was born. They were the first people God chose to tell! This meant that even the least important, the least thought of and sometimes rejected people are who Jesus came to accept into his family. They quickly did what the angel said and went to find the baby. After they found Jesus, they were the first ones to go and tell others that he was born. (This is what Jesus asks us to do, to GO and tell everyone that he was born and died for every singe one of us)
Don't forget to read this week's verse and Point together, if your child is old enough to read, take turns reading it to each other. 
[BONUS: for extra fun, watch this video from the atu! Gang, "The Distracted Shepherds"]