Week 1 "Man with Mary"

Written on 12/02/2018

[This month we are learning about the "extras" or other people in the story surrounding Jesus' birth. In a a story there are the main characters, the stars or most valuable players (mvp's) and then there are the extras.  Sometimes we know their names, like Joseph and Herod and sometimes we don't know much about them, like the shepherds and the wise men.]
Ask: Can you think of a time you made a plan to do something, like go to a friend's house or watch a movie, but then things didn't happen exactly the way you thought it would?
Discuss: Joseph had a plan, to marry Mary and then start a family. But when an angel (an angel is a messenger from God) came to him and told him that Mary was going to be Jesus' mother, this was not what Joseph had planned. It meant Joseph would then become Jesus' father on earth. God had a bigger plan to send Jesus and invite us all into his family. This plan shows that God always keeps his promises, this was a promise to David that one of his heirs would be Jesus. (check out #mc3AfterHeart and 2 Samuel 7:12-16 for more about David
Do: Check out this video from Jelly Telly Devotionals together and don't forget to read the Point and verse together. If your child is old enough to read, take turns reading them together.
And parent's if you are interested in learning more about Jesus' ancestors check out the
Point Series "The Many Jacked-Up Generations in Jesus' Genealogy"