Week 3 "Church Clear" Older Ignition

Week 3 "Church Clear" Older Ignition

Written on 09/19/2018

Do: Read this week's Point and verse  (if your child can read, take turns reading it to one another)

Ask: What do you think is the difference between doing something when you can and really need or want to do it(when you are drawn to it)

Do: watch this video from PursueGod Kids  

Discuss: Things we are really drawn or devoted to we tend to "pay" a lot of attention to throughout our week. Sometimes when people do not want to do something they might say "my heart really isn't into it." This is what Jesus is talking about in Matthew 15:18. He is saying people will "say" a lot about him or to him but their "heart," their devotion is not really there. When we worship God with our words through song and prayer and listen to what is being taught, God begins to grow us if we "pay" attention with our hearts open to him. The more we do this, the more our hearts will grow. It is so important that we do this with other Christ Followers regularly because the experience can be magnified. The worship experience is just that, it is when we get together in praise and worship. We call this c2: Congregation. This is the time where we show our hearts and love to God, together. The people in the early church devoted time for worship every day.

Ask: Name something we do in the Worship Experience that shows God our love and gives him praise. If it's singing, what is your favorite worship song. Share your answer with your child.