Week 1-"Church Clean" Older Ignition Children

Week 1-"Church Clean" Older Ignition Children

Written on ٠٩/٠٥/٢٠١٨

Parents:  Watch this LifeKids video together and then ask if anyone can name something the people in the early church did together. Tell them that we will spend the next few weeks of this Point series talking about those things, of worshiping together, gathering together in homes and helping everyone in need

Parents: Read the Point and scripture for this week together (if your child is old enough to read, take turns reading it to each other) 

Ask: Have you ever heard the church called the body of Christ? Do you know who gets to be a part of this body?

Explain: the awesome news is that all Christ Followers do! He is the leader (head) of the church and his followers are the body Jesus asks us to come as we are, he is the Word and the water talked about in this week's verse, we all belong in the Church when we believe & follow him.