#mc3BrothersAndSisters Sept/Oct 2019

#mc3BrothersAndSisters Sept/Oct 2019

Written on 09/01/2019

Week 1  ONE Sided

Do you think we can accomplish more when we work together and why?

This is true for Christ Followers too, when we are united as one, with one purpose, we can do so much more!

[Videos link to YouTube, you may want to monitor screen time] 

WEEK 2  ONE Less

Check out this retro Ignition video and then ask everyone to share why being a part of a Pr1me Goup is important to them. What are some favorite memories you might have? If you are not in a Pr1me Group ask your kids what they think Greg learned about Pr1me. We also encourage you to find a Pr1me Group that fits your family's schedule. Learn more here

WEEK 3 ONE Account


This week we learned about mc3Missions. At mc3, we focus all of our missions efforts on one place in Oaxaca, Mexico. At a place called Trigo y Miel. You can learn more about that here

This week as a family think of one way you could or have helped with an mc3Missions project. Maybe it is sponsoring a child or selling something you have to help cover costs of trip. If someone in your family has been to Trigo, what is the biggest thing that affected them while they were there. 



WEEK 4  ONE More


What is one way you can help someone else? Maybe you can help take a meal to another family. Has there been someone else who helped your family?

You can learn more about the c3Process and specifically c3:caring here.

WEEK  5  ONE Voice

Check out this retro video with Greg & Wilson to learn more about congregation. Why do you think it's important to worship with friends and other Christ Followers?


No one is perfect, but we can help others out by being good friends, encouraging them and speaking the truth while showing them love. Has anyone ever been an encourager to you? Share a story with your family. 


Check out this video to learn more about what forgiveness means. Then talk about a time when you forgave someone with each other.


One of the last things Jesus did was to pray for all Christ Followers, that they would be one and work as a team. Why do you think it is important for the church (Christ Followers)  to work together as a team?