Week 1 "Man with Mary"

[This month we are learning about the "extras" or other people in the story surrounding Jesus' birth. In a a story there are the main characters, the stars or most valuable players (mvp's) and then there are the extras. Sometimes we know their names, like Joseph and Herod and sometimes we don't know much about them, like the shepherds and the wise men.]

Week 8 "After Legacy"

Watch this video about David and SolomonGod kept his promise to David and 28 generations later Jesus was born to Mary and Joseph. (Stay tuned next month when we learn more about Joseph)

Week 7 "After Humility"

Ask: Have you ever tried something, without asking for advice first, and it didn't go as planned?

#mc3Extras Week 1
on 12/03/2018
#mc3afterGod Week 8
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